Widespread Composting on Campus

Brynna Downey
February 15, 2016

We have several main composting bins in Stata, Lobby 10, and a few more elsewhere, but having more in strategic locations would be good. Dorms without dining halls, the student center, and department hubs should also be given composting bins. This is essential to becoming a zero impact and sustainable campus.



Rachel D Osmundsen on February 15, 2016

Hi Brynna,

As Project Manager of UA Sustainability's Compost Committee, I completely agree that we need more compost on campus. However, we have bins in some of the places you mentioned. There are compost bins on the first two floors of the Student Center, as well as in Burton Conner and Senior House, plus pilot programs in MacGregor and East Campus, with New House coming online soon. UA Sustainability is working closely with MIT Facilities to expand compost on campus. Some of the main barriers are cost (MIT has to pay for every pick-up from Casella, our waste management company), accessibility (the pick-up trucks have to be able to get to the compost bins), and proper use. We can all do our part to use the compost (and recycling!) bins properly, and there is definitely need for greater waste management education on campus. Please contact mission-compostable@mit.edu if you have any suggestions, questions, or want to start a compost program in your living group.

Rachel Osmundsen