Update MIT's web site

Arnold Reinhold
May 10, 2015

Most of the information about MIT's energy usage and plans on its web site are out of date. Many of the pages were written in 2010 or 2012 and some describe programs that should have completed by now. Also much of the information is sketchy, for example the two-sentence page on MIT's co-generation plant at web.mit.edu/facilities/environmental/cogen.html

If MIT is serious about having a conversation on climate change, providing up to date information on how it is obtaining and using energy would seem a no-brainer first step. I'm sure the folks in Facilities are doing great work and probably don't want to be pestered by poorly informed suggestions from the community, but a serious conversation requires taking the time to get participants up to speed on reality, not wishful thinking.

Why can't MIT provide regular reports on generation and consumption patterns, including time of day graphs similar to, say, California's caiso.com?