Provide more working water fountains/water bottle filling stations around campus.

Nancye Mims
January 19, 2015

Please provide more working water fountains and water bottle filling stations around campus. This will discourage use of single serving bottled water, which is a huge problem for the environment on many fronts. We are so fortunate in our country to have free and open access to clean water. Let's celebrate it by encouraging people to use this precious resource, and discourage production of plastic single serve bottles; producing them is harmful the environment; disposing of them is a nightmare. Think about the oceans and the vast areas of trash and plastic that are out there contributing to directly and indirectly to changes in our climate.



Jonathan McIndoe Hunt on March 17, 2015

Tufts has a lot of bottle filling water fountains that track how many plastic water bottles they have prevented. I have only seen a handful around MIT recently.

Jonathan McIndoe Hunt on March 17, 2015

Also, replacing all the water bubblers (the ones that truck around 5 gallon bottles of water) with plumbed in filtered water would be a big step forward. Trucking water is so wasteful when we have very clean tap water that costs a fraction of the price.