Notify climate-related staff/researchers of climate research news

Audrey E. Resutek
December 3, 2014

Create an email distribution list to notify communications staff and interested researchers of forthcoming climate change news. This could cover content distributed by MIT News and departments labs and centers working on climate research. Since there are so many groups whose research touches on this issue, it's a big task to stay on top of all new climate-related content at MIT. It would make it easier to cross promote new material (i.e. news releases, interviews with researchers, op-eds, event notices) if we received slight advance notice, or notice when things are posted.



Melissa C Fox on January 9, 2015

Excellent idea - would have saved my embarrassment as a staffer in a climate-related center, at being unaware of an upcoming climate-related talk by someone close to my boss. I've just found the talk on my center's website, though not on the department site. If such a mailing list were in place I would have known of this long ago. Granted developing such a distribution list is a large job; maintenance of same is equally large; would need a small team for both aspects.