Gameify Campus Energy Use

Laura Adelman
December 28, 2015

The current MIT Energy Use link is not easily accessible and does not lead to an active site:

Energy usage across MIT's buildings should be more publicly tracked and tied to incentives for occupants who reduce usage within buildings. 

Example real time energy use dashboard: 



Curt Newton on March 2, 2016

I agree that exposing and "gamifying" energy use for all seems like a good motivator to change our awareness, understanding, and motivation to behave differently. I would advocate for not just a better web toolkit, but also making this information very visible in spaces themselves, i.e. a small display or kiosk in each building, in a prominent common space. I was recently at Oberlin College, and was impressed by each building in its lobby having a very simple and visible display of current net electricity (non-solar) and water usage; I understand it was a student project from 2005, using Arduino monitors. (A somewhat out-of-date article =