Encourage a Green Culture

Holly R Josephs
February 16, 2015

There are some universities that are stereotypically "green." MIT is not very often considered in this category. We propose adding an optional or mandatory essay/short response on the admissions application regarding sustainability to get students thinking about it and so that they realize that MIT cares about this from the beginning. Orientation could have a mandatory sustainability event. More publicity about the green things that MIT already does.



Alicia Hunt on March 13, 2015

I think that the University actually has to implement green practices first. It would be great if they said to incoming students that this was important to them, but MIT has not shown to believe that they need to make campus changes on climate change. First MIT has to make a real commitment to reducing the campus carbon footprint, then they can show to students that it is important. Otherwise they would be being disingenuous.