Combining everything

Arne Hessenbruch
May 19, 2015

Have every aspect of MIT's activities connected to the sustainability initiative. The campus should be designed to show off that MIT cares about and acts on sustainability. Campus operations should deal openly with the immense challenge which that represents. Education and research should be incentivized to participate in and contribute to the challenge of turning the campus into the most awesome showcase for sustainability in the world. This should be leveraged to increase donations to MIT and to involve corporate sponsors. Every School, every Course, every Program should be incentivized to come up with suggestions how it can contribute to a grand plan. Pilot projects should be run and continually assessed. A process should be devised that allows for pivots and changes in emphasis - a process that involves and engages everyone while allowing actual decision making, probably involving IT in new and innovative ways. MIT's impact upon Cambridge, Massachusetts, the US and the world should be monitored and assessed. This idea is important to the climate conversation because it attempts to think all of MIT into the challenge ahead, instead of it being piecemeal. I believe MIT is capable of thinking big, and we can really have this be an opportunity by not thinking piecemeal but truly ecosystemically.