Begin an effective waste reduction program.

Jennifer Hiser
January 26, 2016

The program should eventually be run campus-wide, but run a pilot to first sort out the logistics and garner additional support:

1) Establish a recycling committee for 3 buildings (classrooms, labs, dormitory).
2) Conduct a waste audit to determine waste composition and volume of materials, what portion can be recycled, re–used, reduced, or eliminated and what recyclable material could be substituted for non–recyclable materials currently in use.
3) Have each committee define their recycling goals and create actionable programs to achieve those goals.
4) Run the programs.
5) Conduct a waste audit to determine program's participation rate.



Laura B Adelman on February 1, 2016

Love this idea, thanks for providing such a structured response!

Do you have any examples of where this has been done successfully before or any buildings at MIT you would recommend for the 3 initial sites?