MIT Sustainability Idea Bank

Current Focus: Taking Action on Climate Change!

Around this time last year, we asked you for your ideas on climate change. We are thrilled to report that since then MIT has released a plan for climate change targeting a 32% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions on campus by 2030.  Now we reach out to you again to ask, how do we get that 32%? Please feel free to submit ideas here or participate in the Climate CoLab Contest!

  • Campus & Climate

    How can MIT reduce emissions at least 32% by 2030 without inhibiting its core mission?


  • Collaboration & Partnership

    With whom should MIT develop strategic alliances to leverage our ability to demonstrate climate mitigation strategies on campus?


  • Research & Teaching

    How can MIT serve as a test-bed or living laboratory to develop feasible solutions to meet the 32% emissions reduction goal and beyond?


  • Innovation & Leadership

    What bold ideas would allow MIT to demonstrate innovative climate mitigation strategies on campus by 2030?


  • Other

    We seek to discover engaging solutions to reach the initial 32% reduction goal and beyond, what ideas do you have to drive toward this goal for climate change mitigation and resiliency?